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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Because we are all gonna rise someday...

Welcome to my blog, "Southern Byzantine."

I'll be attempting to blog here occasionally about faith, family, missions and life here in the Southland. You are welcome to read and comment - so long as Southern manners are observed. 

This week is Holy Week - the week we honor Christ's saving passion, death and glorious Resurrection. It is worth recalling that all of us will "rise again," and the last enemy - death - will be defeated. We will be restored to Paradise in an inheritance of eternal communion with God which our ancestors forfeited, but which our Lord in His mercy and love for mankind has reclaimed for us. Let us pray that we might persevere to the end along the path to resurrected glory through the Holy and Life-giving Cross of Jesus Christ. 

"We were expelled of old, O Lord, from the Garden of Eden, for wrongly eating from the tree. But, O my God and Savior, You once again have restored us through Your Cross and Your Passion. Thereby, O Master, fortify and enable us purely to finish Lent and to worship Your holy resurrection, Pascha our saving Passover, by the prayers of Your Mother."

- From the Exapostelarion of Matins (Tone 2) for the Feast of the Prodigal Son

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  1. Fr. Dcn: You forgot one...He loved to dance. Maybe it wasn't "Boot Scootin' Boogie," but I am sure it was something similar he danced before the Ark.